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Handmade art for good

Pixelist is now a collective of about 30 artists based in Xiamen (Shia-Men): a city on China’s southeastern coast. Most artists paint in home studios and specialize in one particular genre. They earn about US$8,000 per year, so the $2,000 we’ve provided each of them on average is a very significant sum. However, we plan to do much more. We want to double their total income over the next two years.

We also work with charities to help them raise money and promote our aritsts and company. We’ve donated paintings to two charity auctions and have three more in the works. If you’re interested in paintings for charity, please contact us at paint@pixeli.st

Reviving the lost art of
commissioned paintings

There is a growing distaste for all the over-processed prints and cookie-cutter crafts that surround us these days. So little is unique or handmade anymore. We seek to change that by leveraging technology to bring back commissioned art.

passionate artists

Engaging minds and creating jobs. The developing world is filled with talented artists and craftsmen who struggle to make ends meet. At Pixelist we seek to help a small group of gifted – but relatively poor – artists reach a new rich-world audience.

Who we are

Pixelist co-founders are Will Freeman and Conor Colwell. Will spent the last decade in China as an journalist and macro economic analyst. Conor spent over 5 years in Hong Kong, also as an economic analyst. Both Will and Conor have a long history of making custom art, clothes, furniture and the like with Chinese artists. We are thrilled to make our hobby our business. Our time is split between Hong Kong, Xiamen, San Francisco, and Austin. Our head artist John Liu and his team coordinate artist assignments and painting touch ups from Xiamen.

Get to know your artist

All Pixelist paintings come with the commission date and artist’s name written on the inside stretch bar. We’ve added a few artist bios below and more are on the way. If your artist isn’t listed yet, check back with us in a few months.

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