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Sizes, subjects and prices Subjects and painting size limits?

Painting prices are based on size and number of subjects (people or animals). In short, the larger the size of the painting and the more subjects, the greater the complexity and the greater the price. We limit the number of subjects in smaller paintings to ensure that all subjects can be painted with the best detail and quality.

The maximum number of subjects for each size is indicated below


Who are the painters?

Our artists live in and around Xiamen, one of China's richest cities on the southeast coast. They are mostly art university graduates who paint at home. We pay them well above the market price because they are much better than their peers. We plan to start featuring our artists on this website as soon as possible.

What if I want to give the artist specific directions?

If you'd like to give the artist directions before he or she begins on your painting, simply send us an email at custom@pixeli.st with the image you'd like painted attached.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes! We can paint almost any image in any size. Just email us at custom@pixeli.st with your image, the size you'd like it painted in, and your shipping address (including phone number) and we'll get back to you right away.

Will you frame paintings?

For now, we don't offer frames. But we're working on it so stay tuned!

Can I order a painting in another genre or style?

For now we are limited to "photorealist" paintings, which means our artists will endeavor to make the painting look as much like the original photograph as possible. The artist will naturally add some of his or her own vision to the image, but we have found that customers tend to be most happy with paintings in this style.

Can you paint anything?

The short answer is "yes". Some images are easier to paint than others, but we only have a few restrictions on image content (see our terms and conditions). Take a look at our gallery section for examples of different types of images that we've painted. If, for some reason, we think your photo will not come out well as a painting, we will contact you to discuss.

Can I have someone else's photo painted?

No. You must own the photo, or have the express permission of the owner, to have a photo painted. See our terms and conditions for details.

How long does it take to receive my painting?

We endeavor to get paintings to customers in 4-6 weeks.

How do I change the shipping or billing address on my order?

Contact us at paint@pixeli.st

Can I return my painting?

Our satisfaction guarantee means that we're not happy until you are. We'll email you an image of your finished painting around two weeks after you order so you can approve it or request alterations until you're satisfied. If your painting arrives damaged, please take a photo of the damage and describe it to us in an email to paint@pixeli.st. We will reply with directions to return your painting and begin painting a new one for you asap.

What if my painting arrives damaged?

If your painting arrives damaged, please take a photo of the damage and describe it to us in an email to paint@pixeli.st We will reply with directions to return your painting and begin painting a new one for you as soon as possible.

Do you accept low resolution images?

Since we hand-paint - rather than print - your image, the resolution is not particularly important. If your image is too pixelated or blurry for our artists to paint, we will contact you and you will be able to supply a larger version or cancel your order.

Are there any special mounting instructions I should follow when hanging my Painting?

No, paintings come ready to hang with standard mounting materials.

How do I clean/maintain my canvas?

Paintings can be dusted or lightly cleaned with a soft damp cloth. Use water only - no soap or cleaning products. It is best not to hang the painting in a spot that receives lots of direct sunlight.

I would like to change the image that I originally submitted with my order. How do I do this?

Please contact us as soon as possible at paint@pixeli.st