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Pixelist: your pixels, our paint.

Pixelist hand crafts photorealist oil paintings of any image you can capture or create. We are a new means to enjoy the old tradition of commissioned oil paintings. Immortalize your most cherished memories, or create your own painting from anything you can photograph or design. Whatever you chose, our talented professional painters will help you adorn your walls with personal art unique to your vision.

At Pixelist we seek to harness the popularity of digital photography to revive the tradition of commissioned oil painting. Instagram’s style and simplicity makes it the perfect bridge to connect amateur photographers with our network of talented painters.

  1. Pick your favorite Instagram or photo.
  2. Login to Pixelist and select your image and the size you wish to have painted.
  3. We take it from here. One of our professional artists will paint your image while our quality control staff make sure it's perfect.
  4. Your final commission will be shipped to the address you provide - for free.
  5. Enjoy an entirely unique work of art based on your vision in collaboration with our artists.

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